How it Works

Grilled rack of lamb with black olives

Grilled rack of lamb with black olives

After our conversation (via phone or in person), we will decide on initial consultation meeting.  This meeting is free and is to determine what your needs are and how A Chef of Your Own can meet these needs.  After a food questionnaire, any types of food allergies, food limitations, likes and dislikes, we will decide on a day to do your cooking. I will design a menu to your liking which will be reviewed by you and edited or approved.  A day to cook your menu will be decided upon by the two of us.

On your “cook day”, all of the shopping will be done on that day to ensure the freshest product.  I will prepare all of your menu items and package all of your meals.  All packages will be labeled with the menu name.  A typed up menu will be provided with the item, the ingredients and how to complete or reheat the food. Your food will either be refrigerated or frozen depending upon your requests.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your meal!  No cooking! No cleaning up!  No stress!